Agriculture, forestry, fishing, animal husbandry, mining

Agriculture, forestry, fishing, animal husbandry, mining, extraction of crude petroleum and natural gas, quarrying of stone and sand


Food and animal feed, beverages, tobacco, textiles, apparel and clothing accessories, leather, fur and related products, wood and bamboo products, paper pulp, paper and paper products, printing and reproduction of recorded media, petroleum and coal products, chemical raw materials, fertilizers, nitrogen compounds, plastic and rubber raw materials and man-made fibers, other chemical products, pharmaceuticals and medicinal chemical products, rubber products, plastic products, non-metallic mineral products, metal products, electronic parts and components, computers, electronic products and optical products, electrical equipment, machinery and equipment, motor vehicles and related parts, other transport equipment and parts, furniture, other manufacturing

Electricity and gas supply

Water supply and pollution remediation

Water supply; wastewater and sewage treatment; waste collection, treatment, and recycling; pollution remediation

Construction engineering

Architectural engineering, civil engineering, specialized construction activities

Wholesale and retail

Wholesale and retail

Transportation and storage

Land, water, and air transportation; support activities for transportation; warehousing and storage; postal and courier

Accommodation and food

Accommodation and food

Information and communication

Publishing, video and television programs, audio recording and music distribution, radio broadcasting, television programming and broadcasting, telecommunications, computer programming, consultancy and related services, information services

Finance and insurance

Finance and insurance

Real estate

Real estate development, real estate management, and related services

Professional, scientific, and technical services

Legal and accounting services; corporate general management organizations and management consultancy; construction and engineering services and technical testing and analysis; research and development; advertising and market research; specialized design; veterinary; other professional, scientific, and technical services

Support services

Rental and leasing, human resources employment and provision, travel and related services, security and investigation services, building and landscaping services, administrative support services


Health care and social work services

Medical care, residential care services, other social work services

Arts, entertainment, and recreation

Creative and artistic performances, libraries, archives, museums and similar institutions, gambling and betting, sports, entertainment, and recreational services

Other service industries

Maintenance and repair of personal and household goods, other uncategorized services